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Egg-streme Reading Challenge!

easter c


Your Easter Holiday Challenge is to find the most unique and interesting (but safe!) place to read your book and ask someone to get a photograph of you reading there!

It could be on a train, in a tent, up a tree… be creative! 🙂

We will then share the best snaps in our Book Week celebration assembly in April.

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Library Competition

Write a review about one of the books you’ve borrowed from one of the libraries!

You might want to think about these questions to help you:

What did you like about the book? Who was your favourite character? How are they similar / different to you? What surprised you about the plot? Who would you recommend it too? Why?

Post your review on one of the Library Blogs before Thursday 12th February.


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WFPS Library Site

To log on to our Library, click the link below:



You may need to open this link on Internet Explorer.

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Hello world!

Welcome to Weston Favell Primary Blog Sites. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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